A New Whiskey Brand Called Natterjack Irish Whiskey is coming to the Market

Whiskey is a unique drink. So unique that you cannot afford to miss your regular glass if you are a whiskey lover. And if you are one person that loves to try new brands from time to time, you will have a chance to drink the Natterjack whiskey.

According to Averyl Quinn from FFT, Natterjack whiskey is a very special brand made by Gortinore Distillers & Co.

Introducing Natterjack Irish Whiskey

The whiskey begins the ageing process in ex-bourbon barrels and is then finished in virgin American oak barrels. The mixture of techniques produces a unique Irish whiskey with a smooth, almost creamy palate of orange, orange zest, spice, cedar and notes of tobacco, wonderful to enjoy neat and versatile enough to make an amazing cocktail.

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The whiskey is unique in its blend, especially because it combines both American and Irish distillation techniques.

An article published by RTE shows that Natterjack whiskey has a unique blending process that many brands do not use, or are perhaps reluctant to.

Natterjack Irish Whiskey set to launch on the market

Led by Irish entrepreneur Aidan Mehigan, Gortinore Distillers & Co have purchased The Old Mill in Kilmacthomas in Co Waterford with plans underway for a full repair and restoration of the original 1920’s home to Flahavan’s Irish porridge oats.

Once complete, the distillery will house three traditional copper pot stills and ageing whiskey casks and will employ up to 15 people.

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The triple distillation process involves aging the whiskey in Irish, finishing in Virgin American Oak, and then bottling.

According to a report by Melita Keily from the Spirits Business, the makers of this whiskey are planning to build a distillery for the brand.

Natterjack Irish Whiskey makers to build distillery

“We’ve set out to marry the knowledge from both sides of the Atlantic, to create a unique fusion of Irish and American whiskey traditions, and bottle it. “We’re a whiskey company doing things differently, going against the industry trends and creating the best whiskey that we possibly can.

“We’ve explored new flavour profiles, taken the traditional methods of triple distillation, ageing and second-used casks and amplified those with some of the methods used in Bourbon. Our virgin American oak barrels are just that – virgin, brand new and unadulterated with any other flavour.”

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According to the report, the distillery will employee up to 15 individuals to operate in the business once it is complete.


The makers of this whiskey haven’t announced the launching date yet. But once they do, you will get the opportunity to try another brand of whiskey.

Irish whiskey Gets Legal Protection in Australia

Irish whiskey is quite popular. Many whiskey lovers, who can’t go a week without a glass of toddy, find this line of whiskey irresistible. Irish whiskey is one of the most popular labels in Australia. And it has gained legal protection to safeguard against fake.

According to Edith Hancock from the Drinks Business, Australia is a top player in the whiskey market, with a growing national and international audience.


In 2017, 1.9 million bottles of Irish whiskey were sold in Australia and according to the CSO the volume of Irish whiskey exports to Australia increased by 35% in the first 10 months of 2018. Sales of Irish whiskey soared in its home country in 2018, making it one of the fastest-growing spirits categories behind gin.

Carleen Madigan, the IWA’s legal advisor, said the move shows a “a major achievement in our efforts to protect the integrity of Irish whiskey in Australia as a significant export market.”

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To continue with the growth, the country has offered legal protection to the Irish whiskey, which will see to it that rogue traders don’t do shoddy business in the whiskey market.

A post published on the Spirits Business by Amy Hopkins states that the protection will help a great deal in the export market.

Australia agrees to protect Irish whiskey

“The registration of Irish whiskey as a certification mark in Australia is a major achievement in our efforts to protect the integrity of Irish whiskey in Australia as a significant export market,” said Carleen Madigan, legal advisor for the IWA.

“This registration means Irish whiskey for the first time is protected and defined in Australian law, which will greatly enhance our ability to take action against rogue traders. This will ensure Irish whiskey maximises its potential and maintains its growth trajectory.”

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Now that the protection is fully defined in Australian law, it will be difficult for rogue traders to sell fake whiskey.

According to Andy Young from the Shot, the approved trademark protection will enhance the credibility of the Irish whiskey more than ever before.

Irish whiskey gains trademark protection

The IWA has recently stepped up its bid to have Irish whiskey protected around the world, as the product grows in popularity in many key markets, of which Australia is one.

Speaking at the end of last year, IWA Head William Lavelle said: “Whether it’s a Russian spirit with brown colouring or a US-made whiskey being labelled as Irish-style, it is not authentic Irish whiskey.

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The legislation also offers detailed rules for using the term Irish whiskey, with the main goal being to protect against the fake.


According to the new protection law, any product found to be using the Irish name illegally will likely be withdrawn from the market.


Three Irish Whiskeys You Should Taste Before 2019 Ends

Whiskey has long been known as the drink of weekends and holidays. And if you are a fan of your glass, you probably have tried multiple brands so far. But have you tasted all the Irish whiskeys out there? Chances are that you have not. So with that said, here are the three Irish Whiskeys that you should try before the end of 2019.

According to Joseph VMicallef from Forbes, the Sexton Irish Malt Whiskey is one of the most popular and the most best-tasting whiskey that you should try.

The Sexton Irish Malt Whiskey Is Well Worth A Taste

The Sexton is a recently released Irish whiskey that debuted in North America in 2018. It is produced from triple distilled 100% malted barley, and is aged in a former sherry butts. It’s bottled at 40% ABV or 80 proof. The expression does not have an age statement, but according to the information sheet that accompanied the sample the whiskey is four years old.

The whiskey is bottled in an upscale looking black, hexagonal bottle. The label sports the upper section of a skeleton wearing a top hat, as well as a coach pulled by a skeleton horse with a skeleton coachman.

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This whiskey is primarily sold in the Northern parts of the United States of America. And it is distributed by Proximo Spirits.

For the lovers of Jameson that can’t wait to lay a hand on a different whiskey brand, Nino Marchetti from the Whiskey Wash suggests that Jameson Irish Whiskey is a good option to try.

Iconic Jameson Irish Whiskey Bottle Gets A 2019 Facelift

Jameson Irish Whiskey is noted for being the world’s fastest growing Irish whiskey, experiencing 29 years of consecutive growth and hitting sales of 7.3 million cases in 2018. The whiskey has been housed in the same iconic bottle design since 1968, with some 50 years to a look drinkers the world over have come to identify on backbars in their favorite watering holes. Pernod Ricard believes it is now time to change things up a bit, revealing an evolution of the bottle and label for a new era.

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According to Simon Fay, the marketing director at Irish Distiller, the Jameson Irish Whiskey is the world’s most favorite Irish whiskey. And it is definitely worth the taste.

The Dingle Single Irish Whiskey is also another brand recommended by Jim Vorel from Paste Magazine.

Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey (Batch No. 3) Review

Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey (Batch No. 3) is a blend of bourbon and port barrels, bottled at 46.5 percent ABV (93 proof). It carries no age statement, but the liquid inside theoretically couldn’t be any older than six years. It does make the $99.99 MSRP a little eye-raising, but this is an independent product from a micro-distillery, so that’s probably to be expected.

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According to the report, this whiskey brand may not be as popular as many of the options on the market today. But going for just  $100, Jim Vorel is quite fun.


Whether you have not tested any or all of these whiskeys, this is the best time to try them to find out which one would be your next favorite. And if you find one that’s perfect for you, don’t hesitate to buy it again and again.


Walsh Whiskey and Illva Saronno Planning to Split

It is always a good thing when different whiskey brands work together to make something special for whiskey lovers. But sometimes long-term engagements can come to a standstill when disputes between two business partners arise. This is exactly what is happening to two whiskey companies: Walsh Whiskey and Illva Saronno.

According to a post published on The Drinks Business by Phoebe French, the two companies can no longer work together because of the dispute between the directors of the two companies.


It added that “current sales, marketing and distilling objectives are being fully met,” but that the dispute arose based on the Irish and Italian directors’ different opinions on how “to develop the combined business into the future”. As a result, Illva Saronno will take full ownership of the distillery in Co Carlow, which it will rename Royal Oak Distillery. Distilling malt, pot and grain styles of Irish whiskey, the Italian drinks group states that it will focus on “continuously improving its technology and processes” and “enhancing the visitor experience”.

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According to the report, the two have different opinions about how they plan to grow the combined business into the future.

A report by Sonya Hook on the same, as published on Drinks Retailing News states that there will be a change in the management of the two businesses following the split.

Walsh Whiskey to split business in two

The Walsh Whiskey Distillery has announced it is splitting the business by separating out the existing drinks brands from the distillery. The activity will see the Irish directors (founders Bernard Walsh and his wife Rosemary, and drinks industry veteran Pat Rigney) taking full control of the Irish whiskey brands Writers’ Tears and The Irishman, with this part of the business continuing to trade as Walsh Whiskey.

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Based on the plan drawn by the two directors, each one will be taking full charge of their own business individually without involving the other.

According to an article published on Checkout, Illva will take full charge of the distillery now that the two businesses have split.


This change will result in the Irish directors taking full control of the existing drinks brands business built on the Writers’ Tears and The Irishman brands.

Illva Saronno will take full ownership of the distillery, which is renamed ‘Royal Oak Distillery’. Illva’s objective is to further enhance Royal Oak as a centre of excellence in Irish whiskey making by continuously improving its technology and processes, producing all three styles, Malt, Pot and Grain under one roof.

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Illva says that now that he has taken the ownership of the distillery, he has the plan to improve it from what it is now to something even better.


Since the two directors have different opinions on how to run the company they have seen it is best to split and focus on growing separately.

East London Liquor makes it First Whiskey and Baltimore Distilleries Bringing Rye Whiskey Back

Whiskey is a healthy drink, no doubt. And just a glass of toddy from a completely new brand isn’t a bad idea as the festive season approaches. That’s why two brands are working hard to bring you some tasty whiskey. And I swear, you don’t want to miss this one in this season.

According to Edith Hancock, a drinks author from the Drink Business, East London Liquor Company now has its own whiskey.


“The great thing about producing our whisky in London is that we have a clean slate to be creative,” Andy Mooney, ELLC’s whisky distiller, said. London Rye has a mash bill of 42% rye and 58% extra pale malted barley, is a combination of pot and column distilled, and has been matured in French oak, ex-bourbon and ex Pedro Ximenez sherry casks with a range of chars.

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This is the first whiskey that the company has made in 100 years, so it might be something that you should definitely taste.

According to Drink Insight Network, the new whiskey by the liquor company is known as the London Rye.

East London Liquor Company launches inaugural rye whisky

The new rye expression from the company is said to be the first London-distilled whisky available to taste in more than a century.

With 46.8% alcohol by volume (ABV), ELLC’s London Rye has a mash bill of 42% rye and 58% extra-pale malted barley, which are said to have been distilled in a combination of pot and column stills. ELLC explained that the new expression has been matured in three cask styles.

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According to the company, producing own whiskey gives them an opportunity to be creative and to make something that people will love.

A report published on Herald Courier by Wesley Case states that Baltimore Distilleries is working to bring the Rye whiskey back to the market.

How two Baltimore distilleries are bringing rye whiskey back

Sagamore Spirit and Baltimore Spirits Co. have made it their mission to bring prominence back to Maryland’s once-beloved booze, which fell out of favor post-Prohibition and never regained its stronghold on the market.

While it still has ways to go to challenge whiskey’s current king, bourbon, Distiller Magazine managing editor Andrew Faulkner said rye is on the rise. Since 2009, volume of rye whiskey has increased more than 930 percent, and last year, rye sales generated $175 million for the spirits industry, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. (For comparison, bourbon made more than $3.4 billion.)

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The distiller has to work hard to challenge other prominent brand, but the report shows that so far  the efforts to bring the whiskey back are giving promising results.


Remember to drink whiskey like a sir, always. Instead of drinking it straight, make sure you follow the right steps to getting the best taste out of every glass.

Waterford Distilleries Hires an Agronomist and Baltimore Distilleries Planning to Bring Rye Whiskey Back

Known as the drink you wouldn’t miss in a night party or a weekend celebration, a glass of toddy is surely the one thing that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a fan of the bottle. And if it is from a distillery that plays well by the book when it comes to production, then it is better.  Two businesses in particular, Waterford and Baltimore are working around the clock to bring the whiskey you will love to the market.

According to a report published by Phoebe French on the website The Drinks Business, Waterford distillery has hired Grace O’Reilly for the position of an agronomist for the company.


As part of her role, O’Reilly will help to oversee and manage the distillery’s relationships with its barley growers. In addition, she will continue the company’s research into flavour differences observed in whiskies produced from barley grown in different regions, using data obtained …
O’Reilly began her career at Minch Malt (part of Boortmalt maltsters) before joining agricultural specialists Glanbia.

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According to the report, the responsibility of the agronomist is to help the company to understand the different flavors in distillates produced from barley.

Melita Key, an author from the Spirits Business, reports that Grace O’Reilly will also help the company to establish a good relationship with different barley growers.

Waterford Distillery recruits terroir agronomist

O’reilly will be responsible for Waterford’s terroir and will oversee the distillery’s relationship with its barley growers, as well as increasing the company’s understanding of barley. ‘Terroir’ is a French word that is commonly used in the wine trade to describe the interaction between soil, microclimate and location.
Mark Reynier, Waterford Distillery CEO, said: “Terroir, provenance and traceability may be trendy buzzwords frequently bandied about by marketing men, but to us they actually mean something.

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The report also shows that the agronomist will help the company to improve its understanding of barley with respect to where they are grown.

A report published on Baltimore Sun by Wesley Case states that Baltimore distillery, together with Sagamore Spirits are working to bring Rye whiskey back.

How two Baltimore distilleries are bringing rye whiskey back

While it still has ways to go to challenge whiskey’s current king, bourbon, Distiller Magazine managing editor Andrew Faulkner said rye is on the rise. Since 2009, volume of rye whiskey has increased more than 930 percent, and last year, rye sales generated $175 million for the spirits industry, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. (For comparison, bourbon made more than $3.4 billion.)

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Rye is likely to face tough competition from its rivals, but the company believes that there is a positive room for growth.


Because Sagamore Company already has a big market that buys its products, it is expected that the venture between the two companies will bear fruits.

What Notorious MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Had to Say about His Whiskey Brand Proper No Twelve

Conor McGregor was known as a man only fit for the ring until he launched his own whiskey brand, the Proper No Twelve a few months ago. Conor not only loved whiskey. He also loved learning more about it from his late grandfather, whom he said played a huge role in his taste of whiskey.

According to Coleman Bentley, an author at Golf Digest, the whiskey brand was founded on September 2018, ahead of the UFC 229.

Conor McGregor launches most inevitable Irish whiskey brand ever

Code-named “Project Notorious” by McGregor himself (sigh), the new elixir is inspired by both McGregor’s childhood growing up in the Dublin’s Dublin 12 neighborhood and his grandfather Christopher “Jakes” Moore, who taught the fighter the ins and outs of whiskey distillation at probably too young of an age.

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Also known as project notorious on Instagram, the brand was inspired by the lessons he learned from his late grandfather during his childhood.

In an interview lead by Patrick Carone from Entrepreneur, Conor said that passion is what drove him to stand his own whiskey brand.

From MMA Champ to Whiskey Entrepreneur: a Conversation With Conor McGregor

Over the years, I’ve been approached by many Irish whiskey brands asking me to endorse their product. I have nothing against endorsement deals; I have several with brands and products I believe in, that is no secret. However, something about simply endorsing an Irish whiskey didn’t feel right to me — I wanted to create my own, I wanted to do it my way and I wanted to do it right — from start to finish. I love Ireland, its land and its people. I was born here, will raise my children here, and I will die here.

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According to the interview, the founder wanted the brand to be better than those he was approached more than once to endorse.

According to Jim Edward, an author at MMA NYTT, Conor McGregor stated in the interview that the launch of the brand surpassed his expectations.


“The reaction to Proper No. Twelve has been absolutely amazing,” McGregor said. “I’m extremely humbled and thrilled that consumers are as excited about Proper Twelve as I am! Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been reaching out asking where they can purchase a bottle.

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He said that he was humbled and happy that consumers received Proper Twelve quite well.


In the interview, Conor McGregor said that the best way to achieve whatever dream you have is to be in love with what you do. When you find that dream, work on it fearlessly.

Whiskey Legend Dave Pickerell Is Dead

Different people have made big differences in the whiskey industry for hundreds of years. And when the legends in the business pass on, whiskey lovers will never forget. It is sad that the whiskey industry has lost one of its most popular and most dedicated whiskey distiller in history. Dave Pickerell is dead.

According to Fred Mannick, a drinks contributor on Forbes, no one knows the cause of Dave’s death just yet.

Remembering Dave Pickerell, A Legendary American Whiskey Distiller

A West Point graduate, Pickerell was the world’s leading distilling consultants and did most of his business on a handshake. He lectured at nearly every distilling, bartender and drinks conference in the world. He was just that good, a trait that garnered affection from his colleagues.

“I’m in shock, but it’s unfair to sum Dave up,” says Wes Henderson, founder of Angel’s Envy and who was extremely close to Pickerell. “Dave probably knew more about distilling than anybody I ever met.

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Dave’s close friends do not know the cause of the distiller’s death either. But they said he died a peaceful death.

According to Noah Rothbaum from The Daily Beast, Dave Pickerell wasn’t just known for his hard work and dedication.

Legendary American Whiskey Distiller Dave Pickerell has Passed Away

Famed distiller Dave Pickerell changed the way Americans drink whiskey. On Wednesday, November 1, he passed away in San Francisco. The cause is still unknown. He was in the city for the annual WhiskyFest event.

After spending 14 years at Maker’s Mark, he left to run his own consulting company and set up or consulted on countless distilleries around the world. He also mentored the new generation of craft distillers.

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He is also known as someone who spent his life mentoring young distillers who shared his interest in the whiskey industry.

Ashley Stevens from WFPL describes Dave as someone who did his best. He was a brilliant person who knew a lot in his industry.

Famed Whiskey Distiller Dave Pickerell Dies At 56

He was known internationally for his contributions to the industry; in 2014, “Garden & Gun” referred to Pickerell both as “Mr. Whiskey” and “the Johnny Appleseed of American whiskey.”

“When you look at the growing artisan distilling movement over the last several years, he had a hand in just about every one of the ones that are doing really well now,” said Michael Veach, a bourbon historian and writer.

Fred Minnick, editor in chief of “Bourbon Plus Magazine,” said it’s hard to choose any one thing that Pickerell was best known for because he simply did so much.

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In fact, Dave Pickerell was probably the only person who successfully consulted on more than 100 distilleries in his lifetime.


Dave Pickerell has made a big impact in the whiskey distilling industry. We hope what he started, and the young distillers that he inspired, will continue to grow so that we continue to get the best toddy to drink to our happiness and health.

Devil River and Teeling Distilleries Release New Whiskey and Redneck Ravina Distributes to Maryland and Washington DC

Just when you thought the world has enough bottles of whiskey on the market, another company somewhere released a new whiskey brand. And that mean another glass to add to your weekly or daily drink. So, here is what has been happening in the whiskey world this week.

According to a report by Martin White on Food Bev, Devils River Whiskey has included additional whiskey variants to their brand.

Devils River Whiskey releases two new whiskey variants

Devils River Barrel Strength Bourbon is a 58.5% ABV, 117-proof bourbon which “pays tribute to the way bourbon was initially enjoyed”, and the drink has a smooth taste and features oak, honey and caramel flavours.

Meanwhile, the 45% ABV Devils River Rye Whiskey is made with heavier rye and lighter corn, producing a warm rye flavour with notes of pepper and oak, balanced with the sweetness of caramel, brown sugar, and orange zest.

Devils River Whiskey president and co-founder, Mike Cameron said: “Until the 20th century, this is how whiskey was enjoyed, at its full strength.

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Known as Rye Whiskey and bourbon, the two new variants are available for purchase within the United States of America.

A report put together on Scotch Whisky by Becky Paskin shows that Teeling Distillery has release new whiskey on the market.


Teeling Single Pot Still Whiskey is also the first Dublin-distilled Irish whiskey to be released for almost 50 years.

Distilled in 2015 from a mash of 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted barley, the whiskey has been matured in a combination of virgin oak, ex-Bourbon and ex-wine casks, and bottled at 46% abv.

Just 6,000 bottles of Batch 1 have been released exclusively in Ireland and at the Teeling distillery gift shop for €55 per bottle.

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According to the report, the single pot whiskey produced by the company is the company’s first commercial bottle of whiskey since 2015.

According to a post published on Business Wire, the Eastside Distilling Company is now distributing Redneck Ravina whiskey to Maryland and Washington DC.

Redneck Riviera Whiskey Now Distributed in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Eastside Distilling, Inc. (NASDAQ: EAST), maker of craft spirits, today announced that Redneck Riviera Whiskey will be distributed by Republic National Distributing Company (“RNDC”) in the state of Maryland and in Washington D.C. RNDC is one of the leading distributors of premier wine and spirits and beer brands in the U.S. Redneck Riviera Whiskey is a joint collaboration between Eastside and John Rich, the multi-platinum country-music artist and one-half of the award-winning duo Big & Rich.

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Based on this report, Maryland is the 30th state in which this whiskey will be sold.


Whether you are going to try these new whiskeys today or you are going to stick to your old, favorite brand, remember to drink whiskey wisely. You can check out our post on how to drink whiskey like a sir.

Drinking Whiskey Can Make You Live Longer

We know that many people don’t drink whiskey every day. We also know whiskey is one of the best drinks on the planet because of the scientifically proven health benefits. Our concern in this post is whether drinking whiskey can make you live a long life.

A story published on Mandatory by Christopher Osburn reveals that drinking whiskey can make you live past the century mark.

112 Year-Old Woman Says Whisky Is The Key To A Long Life

Grace Jones of Broadway, England, just celebrated her 112th birthday. Jones (or as her friends call her, “Amazing Grace”) is the oldest person in Britain, and one of the oldest in the world. She believes that a nightly dram of Scotch whisky is one of the reasons for her longevity.

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Some people adjust their lifestyle to live long. But for people like Grace Jones of Broadway, England, drinking whiskey is the key to long life.

According to Melissa Matthews, a health author at Men’s Health, many people who live past the 80-year mark are whiskey lovers.

People Who Lived to 100 Share Their Secrets to a Long, Healthy Life

Take for instance, Agnes Fenton, who believed that consuming three Miller High Life beers and a glass of whiskey every day helped her live until 112 years old. (For what it’s worth, Fenton died in August 2017.)

In fact, about 16 percent of centenarians said drinking alcohol every day was the secret to longevity. This actually tracks with a recent (though highly flawed) study claiming that moderate alcohol use (i.e., two glasses of wine or beer per day) was linked to longevity.

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From her research, drinking whiskey is one of the hidden secrets to living long and dying at an old age.

According to Freya Drohan’s post on the Irish Central, people drink whiskey because it has the properties that help fight cancer.

Whiskey makes you live a longer, healthier life, says science

What’s more is that whiskey contains ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that can eliminate harmful, cancerous free radicals in the body. Whiskey even contains more of it than red wine, which has always been considered on the ‘healthier’ spectrum of alcoholic drinks.

Similarly, those who sipped modest amounts of the liquor (one to six portions a week) were half as likely to suffer dementia in adulthood.

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And more importantly, whiskey is a good drink because it helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by up to 50%.


Given that drinking whiskey can make you live longer, it is about time you included a glass in your drinking routine. There are many whiskey brands to choose from. So you should find one that suits you even if you are on a budget.