3 Reasons to Drink Whiskey

Enough bad things have been said about alcohol already. The kind of talk that leans even the best wine brands on the bad side is something you are familiar with by now. If we were to compare alcohol with hard drugs like marijuana, we’d probably put them in the same book. But whiskey brands are known to be quite different; both in the way people see them as well as their overall value. If you have never thought of reasons to drink whiskey, here are a couple of befits to this drink.

Whiskey can help with weight loss. Of course, this sounds weird. But according to the author of Wide Open Eats, this is one drink that can help you cut the weight gained after years of yo-yo dieting.

Whiskey Helps with Weight Loss

While a healthy diet and exercise should not be traded in for a fifth of whiskey, studies have proven that drinking whiskey can aid in weight loss. By curbing appetite, you are likely to feel more full and less likely to munch away on a bag of potato chips. A single serving contains less than 100 calories and has no fat. New diet fad anyone?

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If a drink can make you feel full, then you are sure you can feel less hungry throughout the day. And that’s a sure reason why it is a great idea to drink whiskey.

Feeling sorry that you have a growth has never caused a miraculous healing. Yet, there is a new rumor in town, according to the Whisky Order, that this drink can helps to prevent cancer. 

Whiskey May Help Cancer

The research still is in progress, but there are indicators that whisky can help prevent cancer. In 2005, Dr. Jim Swan, speaking at the EuroMedLab conference in Glasgow, said, “Research has shown that there are even greater health benefits to people who drink single-malt whiskies. Why? Single-malt whiskies have more ellagic acid than red wine.

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There are no absolute conclusions that a glass of whiskey can help to prevent the abnormal growth of cells. As research continues, there is hope that we might have just discovered an amazing cure from a drink that belongs in the alcohol family.

For the folks that want to live for long, whiskey is a supplement to your prayer for long life. Don’t take Natural Lon for a practical joke when they say this drink can lengthen your life. They are so serious about it.

Whiskey and Long Life

We said you wouldn’t believe this one! Listen, whiskey is absolutely loaded with healthy antioxidants and other types of nutrients, which support your immune system. This can help stop you from contracting viruses and diseases. This also helps to stop free radicals from damaging your body on a cellular level, causing premature aging and chronic disease. Not only will whiskey help to keep you free from disease, you will enjoy your longer life much more than if you omit whiskey. Who knew?

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And who doesn’t want to live long anyway? We all want to. And if whiskey can help to make life a little longer, then it is definitely worth drinking.


These points are more than enough to convince you that whiskey isn’t as dangerous as we have always thought it to be.

Things You Did Not Know About Whiskey

Here’s the thing:

Whiskey isn’t as popular as cheap alcohol selling at throw away price in your local bar. And believe me some brands aren’t even sold in your local supermarket. Yet, unlike alcohol, whiskey is recommended as one of the healthiest drinks you will ever find on shelf in a bar or local supermarket.

That’s not all. In fact, there is more to whiskey than just what you know. From choosing the best whiskey glasses and buying the best brand to knowing why you should drink a glass of whiskey in the first place, here are things you probably do not know about this product.

You probably do not know that men who drink whiskey make the best lovers. And that’s probably the biggest reminder that we did get from Elite Daily.

Whiskey Drinkers Make the Best Lovers

Whiskey is the perfect balance of straight edge and crazy. If a man makes whiskey his drink of choice, you know he’s got his head on straight. He sees the beauty in things and takes time to appreciate everything. As great as he is in life, he’s even better in the bedroom. He’s bold, adventurous and sexy as hell. The whiskey man is as distinct and special as his beverage.

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There are, of course, many strong and intelligent men out there, but many women consider whiskey drinkers to be the guys with the most interesting characters. From taking things slow to ‘doing it on the rocks’, the whiskey man makes a swarthy champ.

We always think of whiskey as a product that can last only a short time. But Esquire has a completely different opinion about this drink.

Whiskeys Don’t Have Expiry Dates

“If you have a bottle that is unopened and you keep it out of direct sunlight, it can be kept indefinitely,” says Brian Nation, Master Distiller of Jameson Irish Whiskey. “If you open a bottle, provided it’s sealed properly after use, it can stay for a very long time.”

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Given that this drink can technically last that long, it makes a lot of sense why people usually buy them n in bulk. Or, maybe people just love whiskey in bulk for the pleasure of stocking a couple of bottle at home, but the point it, this drink might last forever.

The last thing you probably don’t know about whiskey is that there are more than half a dozen brands out there. The Spruce has a very good list on this one.

The List of Whiskey Brands

In the following page you will find a listing of popular whiskey brands and the general price range you can expect to find them at. It is, by no means, a complete guide to every whiskey available, but should give you a general idea of what to expect. The whiskies are listed by style (Irish, Scotch, bourbon, Canadian, etc.) and within each are different price points.

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Given the big number of brands, we can also conclude that each brand has its own taste. And given that everyone has a thing or two for tastes, you can choose a brand that you can buy regularly from the list of the most popular producers.


Overall, whiskey is a very good drink. Of course, people have varied opinion about this drink, but research shows that it is overall some good stuff. And given that it has so many health benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drink whiskey before going to bed.

how to take care of drinking glasses

How to Care for Drinking Glasses

You might not be a daily whiskey drinker. But I am sure you know how important taking care of your drinking glasses is. You don’t just want them to last for long. You also want them to be fit for use. If left uncleaned for long, drinking glasses tend to develop while film, which, of course, can be quite frustrating to deal with. The good thing is this: the glass you used to drink water and whiskey is very easy to clean. If you would like to know how you can take care of every drinking glass you own, this guide is for you.

One of the most recommended ways to clean a drinking glass is basic cleaning. According to How To, basic cleaning is all about cleaning the glass by hand using regular water; nothing too complicated.

Give the Glass a Basic Clean

Clean glasses by hand. Fill your kitchen sink approximately one third to halfway full with warm water and add a few drops of dish washing liquid. Using a clean sponge, gently wash your glasses inside and out. Rinse thoroughly.Avoid using more than a few drops of dish soap, as excess soap can lead to streaks and residue.

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When doing basic cleaning, you need to be careful with the amount of soap you use. A few drops of normal detergent should be enough. The lower the drops the better, because excess can lead to streaks and residue.

When choosing the detergent to use to clean your glasses, a post on EBay Blog recommends using natural cleansers. Natural cleaners don’t just get rid of residues in the glass. They also make the glass safe to use.

Use Natural Cleansers to Clean Glasses

If glass does become stained, a film builds up, or hard water leaves deposits, there is no need to resort immediately to harsh chemical treatments on them. After all, they hold liquids from which people drink and, while the treatments are washed away before use, traces may remain and some harsh chemical treatments are dangerous when ingested. To avoid this completely, try using a few natural do-it-yourself cleaners, including vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.

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There are many natural cleansers out there. From vinegar and lemon to baking soda, you can never run out of options. And most importantly, these cleansers are usually very cheap on online stores like Amazon.

Cleaning whiskey glasses is a good way to make them durable, appealing, and useful for drinking. And Wine Cooler Direct says that storing the glasses also contributes in the cleaning process.

Store Glasses Properly

Putting them bowl-down means you run the risk of chipping them. Give them enough space in the cabinet so they will not hit each other. You can also save the boxes they came in and store them in those when you are not using them. Keep in mind, however, that crystal glasses can absorb some of the smell from the boxes, which could end up contaminating your wine.

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In fact, when you store your whiskey glasses correctly, they will always stay in good shape. In addition, you won’t have to worry about breakage, or such thing as total damage that could lead to buying a new set of glasses.


You do have to clean a glass every time after use. Don’t just drink your bottle of whiskey and then forget to clean your glass. We recommend immediate cleaning because it helps to remove stains from the glass fast, at least before they stick. And after cleaning your glass, don’t forget to rinse and put it back in its storage place.

How to Drink Whiskey Like a Sir

How to Drink Whiskey Like a Sir


How to drink whiskey like a sir

How to drink whiskey like a sir

Manly men of Sir status have enjoyed the warm comfort of a liquid sunshine in a glass. It is a gentleman’s drink and a symbol of both class and quality. Richard Paterson displays what it takes to drink Whiskey like a Sir.

If you enjoy a good old fashioned whiskey and a bit of a laugh then you will enjoy this short video. Richard Paterson we salute you sir!

A funny video we saw the other day. Richard Paterson is hilarious!

So tell us about yourself. There are many different views on whiskey so please share yours!

  • How do you like drinking your Whiskey?
  • With water or with ice (or some other way?)
  • How many bottles do you normally have open at any one time?
  • How long does a bottle last you?
  • What is your favorite drop?

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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